Friday, May 27, 2011

Wanted: photos from CMHS in the 60's

If you have any photos of Mesa High activities and folks or from Costa Mesa, Newport, Balboa, that are from our high school years, please forward to and we'll include as many of them as possible in the blog.  I'm still looking for a good photo of the Rendezvous Ballroom...Barry?  Bob's Big Boy in Costa Mesa?  Wil Wright's ice cream parlor?  Fun zone, especially photos from the photo booth or Banana Rollarama?  Golden Bear, Mecca, Mon Ami?  Warehouse Road?  Disneyland (Grad Night), Knott's, Alligator Farm, Deer Park, the Wedge, the Witch's House, Senior Nights, Senior picnics, sports events, hanging around the Chuck Wagon, food fights, trash can fires, get the idea.  Even though it's a class of '66 blog, we welcome contributions of photos from everyone from the 60's.
Thanks, Elaine

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